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Apr 25th, 2008

Inspired by a messageboard meme:
* University ID Card (in Date)
* University ID Card (Expired)
* Work Access Card (Disintergrated)
* Work Access Card (Intact)
* Misc Student Discount card (Never Used, probably expired)
* Virgin Student Card (Always forget to use. Probably expired as Virgin are now Zavvi)
* Buisness Card for StarHotels Florence (18 months since I stayed there)
* CamCard (Cambridge Alumni Card)
* National Insurance Card
* HMV Student Card
* BSAC Membership Card (Expired)
* £1.78 in 7 coins
* WH Smith Club Card (Not used for years)
* Sommerfield Saver Card (Likewise)
* GAME Reward Card
* 36 reciepts of various ages and levels of importance
* A ticket for the Work Burns Supper dated Jan 31st 2008
* A Cinema ticket for Cloverfield, Dated 16th Feb 08
* A USed Bus Ticket (25th Feb 08)
* A Sainsbury’s ‘Active Kids’ voucher
* £10 Note (Scottish)
* UK Provisional Driving License
* HBOS Visa Credit Card (Number … Err, I’ll skip that)
* HBOS Visa Debit Card
* Nectar Card
* NHS Organ Donor Card
* Vodafone Top-up swipe card (No longer valid)
* European Health Insurance Card
* Gamestation Student Card
* Gamestation GEDIT Card (Odd and slightly funky loyalty card which is based on winning stuff and being occasionaly sent freebies)
* Buisness card for dusit Thai Restaurant
* Tesco Clubcard (Rarely Used)
* Florence Bus Ticket (Stamped, 13th Nov 06)

* Wallet
* Keys + USB drive
* Mobile Phone
* Twix Wrapper

* Raincoat
* Old pair of trainers (Broken)
* 8 Reciepts
* Notepad
* Direct Debit request that should have been mailed a week ago
* A Ball of String (Seriously! What is that doing in there!?)
* iRiver H120 MP3 Player, remote and headphones
* Bus Ticket Dated 31st Jan 08
* Glasses Case (Contains Cloth)
* Train Ticket, Cheltnham Spa To Edinburgh, 04 Jan 2008
* 35-in-1 USB Card Reader
* 3 Payslips
* 1 Envelope containing:
2 Train Ticket reciepts and accompanying address card
* £40 Virgin Wines voucher
* 1 Treasury Tag
* 1 pen
* 1p piece

Sorry, disabled comments on this post as I was getting hit by credit vultures.