Christmas Crashes

Dec 25th, 2007

Last night I was due to meet some friends in the Smoking Dog in Malmesbury. Unfortunately my usual lifts were unavailable, but I managed to blag a lift from my Dad. (I can’t drive, so couldn’t have driven myself) However about 1/4 pint in to the evening I received a phone call from my brother do inform me that my Dad had managed to crash the car on the way home. Fortunately he was okay, the car however is less so, although we are still waiting on the report from the insurance company. My Mum headed out to meet my Dad, where he had been met by a passing police car and was being breathalysed (Completely sober) and then she headed on to pick me up, before driving back past the crash car and returning home. The Car was stuck in a ditch, facing the opposite direction, and had been dented enough at the rear to prevent the boot opening.

Bit of an unexpected start to the Christmas period.

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