Moral Foundations

Sep 26th, 2007

From the Moral Foundations test:

Harm: 3.5
Fairness: 4.1
Loyalty: 1.1
Authority: 0.6
Purity: 0.3

Its a bit odd as my ideals are completely at odds with my personality. The figures here would suggest that I was a hedonistic and rebellious person, when I am nothing of the sort. (As anyone who knows me well would attest, although I’m fully expecting a mention of Glory Holes from one of the Edinburgh folks on facebook.) But it does still make sense. I find public decency laws a bit silly, but is they were removed tomorrow I wouldn’t immediately take to running around in the nude. Similarly, when my morality is loosely aligned with what authority usually dictates, there is little need to rebel. (Plus there is the whole issue of overcoming fears, which is another matter entirely. Should I ever end up opposing authority it may be very well be while gibbering as a jellied mass in one corner.)


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