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Fopp Reprive

Jul 31st, 2007

Well it appears all is not lost and HMV have brought six Fopp stores, which they will continue to run independently under the Fopp brand. Strangely this covers almost every Fopp I’ve visited, Cambridge, Edinburgh and Glasgow. The Tottenham Court Road store is closing however, although another in London (Covent Garden) will be re-opening, but its in the same city so its close, even if London is a very big city.

I’m disappointed that it was HMV (Instead of an independent buyer) that had to rescue the store, but I hope they wont interfere too much, especially in terms of price and product catalogue.

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Guardian Unlimited: HMV to reopen six Fopp shops

So, what exactly do I do?

Jul 29th, 2007

One of the problems with working in science is explaining what you do. For some people a quick, “I’m a Scientist,” is enough. Science either scares them slightly, or at least confuses them, or perhaps they are just not interested, either way they don’t push the matter any further. However sometimes I find someone whose interested, at which point its good to establish how much background they have in science. Obviously an explanation to another molecular biologist is fairly different to that given to a lawyer, chartered accountant (who incidentally need to explain to me what they do) or a history teacher. But on occasions, differences in background and experience means that even a Biochemist, or a Mouse Geneticist can get lost quickly.


Jul 19th, 2007

I’ve always been attracted by MOO, the flickr buisness card company, but have never had the need for buisness cards. While they are designed for personal use, I would feel slightly self concious handing out a mini-card, even if they are as sexy as the ones MOO make. I’m sure I could find some other use for them, but really it would just be me making an excuse for buying them, consumer whore that I am.

For those of you not in the know, MOO produce personalised buisness cards or notecards based on your flickr photos, although there is also the opportunity to upload your own images if you don’t have a flickr account. You can also use a few other accounts as a basis, including the possibility of images base on your second life avatar.

But recently MOO have launched stickers something which is a lot more fun, and more versitile. A little photo in the corner of the letter, or on a birthday card would be ideal. So now I have a little sticker booklet winging its way to me (postage is free during July).

Guitar Hero 3

Jul 14th, 2007

Amazon Guitar Hero III (wii) Preorder
On adding Guitar Hero III to my Amazon wishlist, I noticed that the box in the corner appeared to display the price, a lowly £28.99. Now surely this is wrong, and Amazon just didn’t expect the price to show, there is afterall no add to basket button, but it does make you wonder where they get their place-holder figures from. I would have thought it more sensible to have a £TBA price for situations such as this.