5020 1600

Jun 28th, 2007

I stopped working at Alldays over five years ago now and yet I still remember the barcode for a Creme Egg. Its probably some secret code amongst past cashiers, see who has served their time behind the till of a convenience store.


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  1. LOL! I just got a Creme Egg from a colleague and was talking about how I could still remember the bar code from about 12 years ago! I then decided to put it into Google, and your blog is the first to come up! I think I’m going to start a group on Facebook.


  2. lol, thought i forgot it after talking to my girlfriend so i Google’d it to find out and low and behold this poped up. and it is so true, 5020 1600 the number you remember because the god damn eggs never scan lol.

    did my time, 3 years during college at tesco’s

  3. I feel your pain, 31 years old and still haunted by 3 years of these things never scanning in my late teens.

    At least there’s a place for people like us……

  4. Haha I had to learn this because there’s only so much messing around with the foil a human can take before their sanity is completely lost. Good old 5020 1600.

  5. Yup same here I always amaze people over the counter when I buy one and it does not scan…..they go excuse me, I go 5020 1600 again…..the Barcode…. I say for the egg…. then they smile and I explain I worked in Tesco’s when I was 18 15 years ago!

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