Why I love wikipedia

Nov 17th, 2006

This paragrahps, taken from the wikipedia entry on ‘evil genius’ sums up why I love the site:

The evil genius is different from the mad scientist, in that the mad scientist tends to be amoral, rather than evil. An Evil Genius is generally a clever schemer, while the Mad Scientist typically pursues scientific knowledge with no regard for the consequences. A mad scientist might create an army of zombies, just to see if it is possible, but an evil genius would have a diabolical use for this army, and a plan to escape the town without being killed.

Now try and find that explanation in any other encyclopedia.


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  1. […] Jun 24th, 2007 by suicyte Please excuse the rude title of this post – it is crafted after a number of recent blog postings on the shortcomings of Wikipedia. I for myself have been a very late adaptor of wikipedia and had never expected much from this resource – whenever I am using it now, I am pleasantly surprised how useful it is, even for most scientific topics. Obviously, you cannot believe everything you find in Wikipedia, and I am quite concerned about the growing number of young students, who apparently learn biochemistry from Wikipedia rather than from textbooks – this is certainly not the way to go. However, for a quick look-up of the formula of orlistat (tetrahydrolipstatin, “alli“) and stuff like that, Wikipedia is much more convenient than any other resource I know of. And, as has been said before, nothing beats Wikipedia if you want to know the difference between a ‘mad scientist’ and an ‘evil genius’. […]

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