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Oct 5th, 2006

Its all been a bit hectic recently, as its been the transition from my Masters (Which I passed with distinction) to the PhD. However between this I though I’d take a bit of a break, so spent a few weeks at home, catching up with family and friends. Unlike the move to university there are no forced term dates, so trips home have to be seized as they are appropriate. This means its not really co-ordinated with other people, and besides I now have friends for whom home can be anywhere in the world.
Still, the majority of my friends, excluding those in Edinburgh, are located down South. Disturbingly, outside of Edinburgh it is now London that holds the highest concentration of people I know. I suppose its inevitable, it is after all the Nation’s capital and the largest city in the UK. I just wish it wasn’t quite so blatant about it. Meanwhile I’m stuck out on a bit of a limb, but am no longer alone, as a few friends will be moving up to join me in Scotland, albeit not in Edinburgh.
But outside of my gallivanting back home things have also been busy. I began my PhD mid September and the work is underway. At the moment things are still fairly organised, my lab-book is up to date and I know where and what everything is. I’m surprised this level of organisation has lasted this long; if I can keep it up for the next three year it will make the thesis easy enough to write.
In about eight weeks time I will be expected to produce my ten week report, which is to outline the direction of the project. The main role of this is to focus your work, ensure you know where your heading, and to provide scrap paper when the whole plan changes with the results of the first major experiment.
I’m hoping to update soon, discussing my work (Or rather the background to it. I will avoid the unpublished stuff for obvious reasons), the 2006 Nobel Prizes, a visit from Nobel Laureate Aaron Ciechanover and experiences at Biotechnology YES.

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  1. Yay – congrats on the Masters, James…

  2. Thank you. So how are things since you've graduated? (I don't know if this reply goes to me or you, so I may just end up looking odd.)

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