Win a Flat

Jun 5th, 2006

Win a Flat
I’m currently having to think about where I’ll be living next year as my lease runs out soon and the plan is to move off elsewhere. So earlier this evening I was searching around and getting a feel for what was availible. A few sites seem ideal and I shall probably be putting messages looking for flats/housemates.
However I was looking over Friday’s b3ta newsletter and found this site. (See above) Interested I clicked, expecting some place in London, only to find that the flat in question is in Edinburgh. Well the co-incidence was too good to pass up, and the idea was neat, so I’ve entered. Although I don’t place much hope on me winning its certainly a fun idea and I’d hate to see the flat won in a competition with only a few entrants.
It would be a great step onto the property ladder and one of the sympotoms of renting a proper flat appears to be wanting your own. No naff wall paper, ability to wack nails in the wall etc. Of course as a disadvantage it would mean I’d be liable for maintanence, but as I’d have no mortgage then this would be lower than any rent I’d normaly pay.

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