Build your own…

Apr 2nd, 2006

The main ‘difficulty’ in the whole process is selecting the hardware, actually putting it together is fairly easy and I had my system up and running in under two hours. (It also worked first time) I recommend picking up a couple of magazines to get up to date on the hardware availible, expecially if you haven’t been in the market a couple of years.
A benifit to building your own system is not so much the cost (Which isn’t significantly lower) but the control. You can select exactly what you want, and find youself considering far more factors than you would normaly. You also trust what you buy, no unbranded unknown products, no silly propriety memory formats, a PSU that provides enough power.
But whatever you do don’t jump in blind. Little things, like cooling, are easy to overlook if you’ve not built before; however don’t expect a good system if you skimp here, especially if you’ll be gaming on it.
But if you’ve already stuck your hand inside a system to upgrade it then I say go for it. It gives a real satisfaction when you first see the BIOS appear on the screen, and you know exactly whats in there.

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