Sony? Portable Reader SystemPRS-500

Feb 5th, 2006

To put it simply I want one of these. I’ve wanted an eBook reader for a while, as I get terrible guilt trips every time I print off the twenty odd pages associated with a PDF file. (Research papers are distributed in PDF format.) Unfortunately, Sony’s prior effort, the Libre, was so wrapped up in DRM that it would only support their native format, which even then had such stupid restrictions on its use as to make it near useless. (Yay! Time expiring books!)
Cost wise though things could get a bit expensive, especially as Sony removed their initial price of $350 (?230) from their website, meaning that an even higher price seems likely.
Meanwhile I’ll be keeping my eye out. The Libre was linux based, raising the possibility of user based hacks freeing up the restrictions and allowing me to find a cheap copy on eBay.


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