Karen “F’ing” Samson

Feb 2nd, 2006

Of course, that isn’t her name. That’s probably fairly obvious as few people have profanities for their middle names, but what I mean it that it isn’t even her name sans profanity. Indeed, names have been changed to protect the innocent, or rather to protect me, when the innocent decide to do a vanity search on Google and turf up this blog.
You see, I don’t actually know Karen Samson, but I do get her mail. In fact I get more post addressed to her than I do addressed to myself. While the rest of the prior occupants of this flat decided to set up mail-forwarding services Karen “F’ing” Samson declined, and as a result it is now our responsibility to forward letters on, that and those belonging to several other occupants who lived here God knows how long ago. Meanwhile the actual amount of mail directed to this house, intended for current occupants, is tiny.
But what really surprises me is the kind of letter that arrive, sometimes even Birthday cards or Christmas cards, along with letters that appear to be from banks or prior places of employment. Its the cards that confuse me most, some of them come from abroad and must have been doing so for a few years, given the rolling six month contract. on this place. Do these people not think to tell friends and relatives that they’ve moved? Granted in many cases it is just the case of moving somewhere else in Edinburgh, but still, I wouldn’t want my post going somewhere else first.
But I’m at a loss as to how to solve the problem. I’d set up mail forwarding but that costs money and has to be renewed regularly. As it is the mail tends to pile up into a big heap on the telephone cabinet before being forwarded en mass. It appears that neither the delay nor the sudden arrival of a bulk of letter at the other end has given anyone the hint. I’m tempted to write a letter, particularly to Dr. Samson and suggest that they may wish to pass their new address on to everyone who may be interested, but seeing as they clearly haven’t got the idea yet I am not sure what good that will do.

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