Hot Coffee

Jan 31st, 2006

This whole furore over the ‘Hot Coffee’ mod of GTA:San Andreas is really pissing me off. The reasons for the pissage are thus:

1. Despite the fact the code was present in the game it was disabled. It was necessary to download a third party mod to invoke the changes. It would be just as sensible to invoke similar charges against maxis as its possible to mod ‘The Sims’ to remove the blurring and reveal naked Sims. (And the naked skins, albeit fairly poorly detailed ones, are available within the game. The prosecution argued that because Rockstar games made it easy to mod the game then they should be liable. This is a stupid assertion and could put severe restrictions on future games, preventing the use of user created content entirely.

2. The mod allows the player to participate in consensual sex. Clearly this is somehow worse that the remainder of the content of the game. Whoever decided that sex was a greater evil than killing and maiming is mad.

3. Apparently many stores in the US will not stock games with adult ratings. (Source: Most news articles I’ve read) What!!! Is this a case of the press exaggerating matters or is this really the case? This is the most stupid, insulting and NSFBKed up store policy. Yeah, sure if the cover of the game itself featured full frontal sex I’d understand, but as it stands it makes no sense. (I did have a humorously over the top, Aristocratsesque cover description here, but felt that it probably didn’t help my argument.)

4. If little (17 year old) Timmy owns GTA, and really wants to get off on some porn, he is just as capable of downloading real pron as he is installing ‘Hot Coffee’ and getting off on the silicon rendered equivalent.

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