I’m aware I’ve been poor

Jan 26th, 2006

I don’t realy have much of an excuse for not blogging since new year, especialy when I’ve had a few things which I can write about, although mainly opinion posts than journal articles. However when it actualy come to write these things all the plans I’ve had in my head disappear. That and I get distracted by the internet as a whole. (Oh, and catching up with the rest of Lost)

More recently I’ve been ocupied producing a presentation as part of the small ‘taught’ componenet of my Masters. Of course, much of this was spent figuring out how I can do neat new things in powerpoint, and checking my E-mail, and being distracted by the internet… But all is finished now and ready to be presented tomorrow, at which point incompatibility issues will replace all my deltas with little blank boxes.

In other news I have just purhased a HiFi system. I had a few requirements that I wanted, mainly DAB, CD, Auxillary in, reasonable sound quality and in the micro format. MP3 CD would be nice if I could get it. Well looking arround I found about three systems in my price range with the fatures I wanted, and managed to let two offers slip through my grasp due to procrastination. It seems Amazon occasionaly have items on sale for one day only. In the end I chose the Sanyo DC-DAB03, which was once more on offer on Amazon, which I decided to check last minute before heading off to Dixions to spend an extra £50 on the Hitachi AXM130.

I’ll try and get something interesting written soon.

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