A slow new year

Dec 31st, 2005

It appears that 2006 is going to crawl in fairly quietly for me this year as new years plans came to rather little. Way back in September I had intended to be in Edinburgh for new year, but within a few weeks of moving up plans had to be made, stress levels were faily high and at that stage I had only just met everyone. Plus the increased travel costs and rapid turn arround required meant that it threw that extra spanner in an already entangled works. So instead I resolved to spend two weeks at home, give me a chance to kick back, relax, catch up with people and spend new year among familiar faces.

Unfortunately it hasn’t quite worked this way. Many of my friends are off, either with family or back in there respective homes at university or elsewhere. The few that are around are either opting for quite nights in or else are out in Malmesbury with no formal plans. Unfortunately, with my inability to drive and parents who are out I shan’t be able to make this.

Thus I’m spending new years at home. I’m not the only one, it seems a common affliction for a number of people I know. My brothers have some friends arround so I needn’t spend the actual transition in silence (or cheering by myself) but it does seem that things will b a little slow and the whole anti-climax that is so often new-year will be even more apparent than usual.

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