Merry Christmas

Dec 21st, 2005

I finished in the lab yesterday, and managed to be completely rubbish when it came to actually getting packed, I still have to stuff phones/cameras/MP3 players etc. in my bag.

Unfortunately I have a long five and a half hour train journey ahead of me before I reach Cheltneham. I’ve got myself a book to read and ensured my iRiver is up-to date but its still a lot of time to fill. Its times like this I wish I had brought a laptop instead of a desktop.

In phoning home yesterday to arrange picking up at the station I discovered that we no longer have a bathroom floor or a kitchen celling. It appears that the bathroom tap was left dripping with the plug in, and the overflow couldn’t cope. You see, the tap is a little odd, in that it still flows when turned off fully and actually has to be turned on again slightly to stop it. (Something to do with ceramic washers) As a result my Dad floorded the bathroom and the water dripped through the celling to the kitchen.

The electricians and builders have already been, with the result that we now have a huge hole in our floor. (I’ll post photos after the new year.) Blowers have been installed to help dry the celling out, with the side effect that the water was blown across to above the dining room, shorting the downstairs lighting circuit.

To add insult to injury, just after the kitchen had been cleaned up the dishwasher packed up, flooding the kitchen once more. (The dish washer is over fifteen years old, so its done fairly impressively.)

However as always Christmas will proceed as normal. Which means some exceedingly last minute shopping on the part of my brothers and myself. We realy need to co-ordinate this whole gift buying thing now that I live away from home for most the year. (Two weeks at home over Christmas, and I’ll try and swing for a month over the summer, August 12th to Sep 12th or arround then.)

I’ll try and get some Christmas themed ponderings going soon.

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