Tim Berners-Lee Has a Blog

Dec 18th, 2005

To those of you who know not of Sir Tim Berners-Lee then I can truthfully say that without him you wouldn’t be reading this at the moment, this blog wouldn’t be here, Amazon wouldn’t be here, you wouldn’t have just sold that old teapot on eBay and Sony BGM would not have angered the geek community over the past month.

You see, Tim invented the web, without which the net would unlikely have become quite what it is today. It was only with the appearance of the web that everyday users sat up and paid notice. Indeed for many people the web and the net are almost synonymous. This is why I insist that the web was important even in the formation of P2P networks, or rather their importance. While true that things like E-mail, instant messaging and ftp would have existed independently of the web’s invention, I doubt their uptake would have been quite so rapid.



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