Degree result

Jun 10th, 2005

I got the result of the final year of my undergraduate degree today, after finishing my exams on Wednesday. (They realy rush them through) Final result was a 2.1, which means I’ll have no problems begining my four years combined Master/PhD in Edinburgh next year. I had actually been given a 2.2 offer, which is very unusual for PhD placements, but I was glad that it didn’t come to me relying on that, it woukld have felt like cheating.

I had half hoped for a first, I manged to get one in the first year and my performance throughout this year suggested that it was a possibility. However, given my exam performance I realised it was unlikely as I produced a few essays I wasn’t entirely proud of. I’m interested to see my mark makeup.

So now I have almost three months of nothing.

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