End of exams and a little accident

Jun 8th, 2005

Well finally exams are over and I may emerge from my cocoon of work into three weeks of nothing before revision. I’m not about to analyse how I think I did, its difficult to do so without seeming either arrogant or self deprecating. However I will make my results known on Friday when they are made available to me.

You may have also noticed that the rest of my blog appears to be non-existent. This is a result of a number of small accidents, which unfortunately conspired to me loosing the contents of the database which powers the blog. Fortunately, the wonders of modern search engine technology, and my laziness in removing my old blogspot blog, means that little will be lost. In total, one blog post has been lost to the ether, and all that discussed was my move to the new server. More importantly I have lost many of your comments, beyond the reach of the mighty google. Still, the disaster is less than I expected and you can expect to see a restoration of the archive soon.

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