Return to Magdalene College

Jan 18th, 2005


The holiday is over and I am once more reunited with my broadband connection at university. Once more the Internet is a super fast distraction from work. However this term other activities have conspired to keep me once more occupied with lab based activity, for this is the term of my lab project. Thus once more will I be cursing small glowing band suspended in blocks of something which vaguely resembles jelly and getting frustrated as things grow where the shouldn’t.
You may have noticed the absense of updates over the holiday, a dual result of having a slow internet connection and also having very little to say anyway. Continual descriptions of what I had for lunch, and exactly how my extended essay was progressing would have been of little interest. I may have been able to wax lyrical on the finer points of Neighbours, but the sheer lack of said finer points would have made this effort fairly futile. Thus instead I decided to keep silent, and hope that some of you decided that this was a result of me being so occupied that I couldn’t possibly find time to say anything.
Still, things have livened up since then as I am now back in college. Sunday saw the start of term ‘genetics curry,’ tonight a formal hall in aid of someones birthday, and tommorrow another brithday related celebration. Unfortunately this is all shortly followed by a return to lectures, but at least its better than sitting around the house all day trying to figure out the role of Tsix.

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