Let’s do the timewarp again…

Dec 15th, 2004

The more observant of you may have noticed that my archive seems to have suddenly expanded with entries from before this Blog even sprang into existence. The top Olympic observers will have even recognised these entries, for you may have seen them before. I have gone to the trouble of transfering the old ‘My life’ entries from my website into this blog, as part of a move to try and bring more order between the multitude of sections of my website. Soon to follow will be updates to my website which not only bring its design in line with the blog, actually mention the blog’s existance, but also bring together the various little bits and pieces I have scattered across the internet.

Also, I wish to bring your attention to the site feed. Previously the site had been using the supplied ATOM feed. However, thanks to feedburner I now have a newsfeed which should be readable by the vast majority of RSS/ATOM readers as it is dynamicaly generated server side depending of the software which sends the request. For those who know nothing of RSS/ATOM feeds and wish to find out more, then look here.

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