I am home for Christmas

Dec 9th, 2004

On Sunday I packed my bags, dumped all non-essentials in a cupboard and
made the long journey home. (Three hours anyway) After arround sixteen
weeks in Cambridge things were getting quite stressful and I was glad at
the chance to get back home and be able to lie arround in more peaceful
surroundings. How quickly things change; I am already feeling bored and am
looking at all the work which needs to be done with the eyes of someone
begining to realise that they should tackle it slightly more than half
‘Discuss our current understanding of the mechanism of mammalian X
inactivation.’ Ultimately I need to produce between three and five
thousand words on said topic, something which I shouldn’t have too much
trouble doing as I tend to waffle, (You noticed?) but it’s the reading
which must accompany it which is most work. From this I need to get up to
date on the current understanding, extract the most important information,
and attempt to intergrate it into a coherant structure, preferably with a
unique outlook.
As the title indicates I am also aware of the approach of Christmas,
although some of the shops in Cambridge seemed to be aware of the approach
of Christmas back in early October. Why? In the retail word it appears
that three months, or one quater of the year is taken up with Christmas,
presumably an attempt to scare us into buying everything we need earlier.
It appears that people are incapable of buying Christmas presents if the
stores are not decked in tinsle and life size snowmen and Father
Christmas. I can’t help thinking that shops should be banned from putting
up decorations until 1st December, although this would probably mean an
overnight eruption of lights, glittler and fake snow. All my annoyance
must be minimal to people who don’t even celebrate Christmas, for whom the
annoyance must even continue and magnify towards the end of December when
every advert, every program and every shop becomes Christmasified.
If I don’t update before then, then happy Christmas.

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