Who on earth are you?

Oct 15th, 2004

Oh dear. I have been rather bad at updating haven’t I; and it looked so good. Still the weekend is coming up, perhaps I’ll be able to fill people in then. Perhaps.

Anyway, recommended link here, www.thatwasme.net

The site has only just started but I’m not aware of any analogous websites and this one looks promising. I had contemplated similar ideas myself but had neither the technical know-how not the time to get it done. Basically the site aims to find out exactly who that odd person is standing in the background of your photos; the one who has their arm around you, or who is pulling a silly face. At the moment there is a total of only 10 photos on there, and the site needs more before it can become truly effective. Thus I am acting as a WOM advertiser to try and get people there. Just as Friendsreunited would be rather useless with only ten people subscribed this needs the traffic to make it worth while. Besides, if you sign up now none of the cool user-names are taken.


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