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Lets get you up to date…

Oct 20th, 2004

Last time I left you I was standing at Swindon station about to travel home with my parents. Now I don’t wish the slow minded of you to believe that I remained standing there throughout the entirety of the meantime, indeed, Swindon station was far behind me even when I contrived to tell you of it. In fact, a lot has happened in the meantime, and it is that lot that has got in the way of me telling you about it.

Unfortunately very little of it is at all interesting to anyone but me and my friends, and probably only vaguely interesting to them in the ‘oh I suppose we really should look like we are interested’ kind of way. Still, if they can pull that off so can you.

The weekend at home was good fun, nice and relaxing and without all the boredom that results from being home for extended periods of time without anything to do. However, since that time I have travelled back to Cambridge, almost ending up in the complete wrong part of the country when Kings Cross decided to lie about the platform my train was coming in on. Yet now my course has begun and I am faced with a somewhat terrifying prospect: I am in my final year and unless get things organised next year will be very boring indeed.

You see with term started, work underway and a new room to speak of, various people have actually decided to start mentioning that, in fact, there is life after university. Furthermore they have even suggested that I might like to start not only thinking about it, but actually doing something about it; I need to find a PhD.

I have already decided I don’t want to stay in Cambridge. I love the city and university, I could easily spend another year or two here as an undergraduate; I couldn’t easily spend another four, or even five. It’s not that there is anything wrong with the university, I’d have similar feelings wherever I end up, its just that I feel I’d like to see somewhere different. I had considered abroad, but considering language barriers, extra organisation and slightly earlier application times I feel I can write this off until postgrad, when hopefully I will be a bit more capable of standing on my own two feet.

In other news I have now begun my part II genetics course, and not only is the work flowing but also the class social entertainment. One of the benefits of a small class is that you all get to know each other, and class activities are not out of the question. So after the successful formal on Monday (Thanks Ed) a number of other events are planned, these just rely on our organisation to get them done.

Anyway, I’ll have to pull this together more neatly later. I have food to eat.

Who on earth are you?

Oct 15th, 2004

Oh dear. I have been rather bad at updating haven’t I; and it looked so good. Still the weekend is coming up, perhaps I’ll be able to fill people in then. Perhaps.

Anyway, recommended link here,

The site has only just started but I’m not aware of any analogous websites and this one looks promising. I had contemplated similar ideas myself but had neither the technical know-how not the time to get it done. Basically the site aims to find out exactly who that odd person is standing in the background of your photos; the one who has their arm around you, or who is pulling a silly face. At the moment there is a total of only 10 photos on there, and the site needs more before it can become truly effective. Thus I am acting as a WOM advertiser to try and get people there. Just as Friendsreunited would be rather useless with only ten people subscribed this needs the traffic to make it worth while. Besides, if you sign up now none of the cool user-names are taken.