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Sep 17th, 2004

I was at the university centre earlier today and was in a discussion about the number of people who used to find my website through unsavoury searches. I realise that this must have changed recently, after having adapted the title page. So after getting back I decided to check what people were currently finding my website with:

Num Search Engine Query Landing Page
14 Google cambridge uni, photos … /jasplace/pics.htm#camb
2 Google language jasp …/jasplace/res.htm
2 Google twenty questions by don woods …/jasplace/res.htm
1 Google download jasp …/jasplace/tribe.htm
1 Google kebab pics …/jasplace/pics.htm
1 Google cambridge uni, photos …/jasplace/pics.htm
1 Google fish aqua alien game …/jasplace/tribe.htm
1 Google teacup fish …/jasplace/tribe.htm
1 AOL concreate inventions …/jasplace/brick.htm
1 AltaVista name that fish …/jasplace/tribe.htm
1 Google c1 cob …/jasplace/ware.htm
1 Google download jasp photo program …/jasplace/brick.htm
1 Google pictures of eating pickles …/jasplace/brick.htm
1 Google stephen fry shopping malls …/jasplace/res.htm

Now, none of these are unsavoury but I do wonder what the person searching hoped to find. Now, the uni photos are obvious, it being just before the start of a new year a lot of future students are getting nervous or interested, and a lot of current students are attempting to find photos for various fresher’s guides. But some of them almost seem as though they are trying to narrow it down to my site alone. (Including one that even reproduces a miss-spelling of concrete.) Still, I shall endeavour to meet demand and will try and deliver a photo of myself eating pickles, and an announcement for the new Stephen Fry shopping mall.

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