And it begins…

Sep 15th, 2004

Welcome to my blog, future home of my ramblings and incoherent thoughts. I’m James, a 20 year old genetics student, currently in the third and final year of my degree and frantically trying to ignore the future. Unfortunately it seems the future has different ideas and is trying to barge in my way before I feel I’ve even gotten comfortably settled in on the fact I actually have a life to live. Still, at least I know vaguely where I’m heading, I’m just slightly unsure on the route to get there.

So, before I go on and say more about myself, lets get the details about the blog itself sorted. Now I’m not the most organised of people, and this clutter and disorder penetrates right down to my own thoughts. Many a friend will vouch for my stunning jumps, nay, somersaults, in mid conversation. So in order to avoid confusion I have invented a number of categories under which blog entries will be made.


Journal posts. These update you on what is going on in my life. Most posts will probably fall into this category.


These posts will discuss a website and provide a link to it. The reasons for doing so may be many, from sites I find amusing, to articles I’ve found interesting.


Photos, usually taken by me. These may be coupled to a journal entry, or just be particularly nice photos.


Fun things. Many and varied, fun things may even include a weblink, just to throw a spanner in the works of my categorisation system. The distinction between which symbol used will depend on the nature of the link and my reason for posting it here.


Random thoughts and musings, possibly mini-essays on a particular subject or a reaction to recent news.


I will try and avoid being to opinionated in these sections and will try and avoid politics as much as I can. However we all occasionally have our soapbox rants and any I do have will be found under this heading. Remember, anything under this is an opinion and I don’t expect you to agree. Feel free to post your views in the comments. I won’t delete people just for disagreeing with me, but if you get rude or the argument escalates out of control (ie. mud-slinging) then I may have to take action.


I have many dreams, many of them are odd. Any dreams of particular note may be recounted under this logo.


Like the section on my website, these entries will point you in the direction of things I’ve found to be particularly worthwhile. This may include websites, software, books, movies or almost anything really.

As you can see there is some overlap in categories, but nothing that should cause too much of a problem. Some of the entries also have smaller logos associated with them which may decorate box-outs in other entries, allowing me to, for example, recommend a website within a journal entry.

The first journal entry, and more information about myself will follow shortly. (Read three months knowing me.)

2 Responses to “And it begins…”

  1. ‘Many a friend will vouch for my stunning jumps, nay, somersaults, in mid conversation.’

    YES! Let me be the first to vouch! And possibly even the first to post a comment..this is truly an honour, considering the blog-writer is certain to win a Nobel Prize (although whether it’s for science or literature I can’t yet tell).
    Unfortunately I’m forced to remain anonymous so you’ll have to guess who this is.

  2. Well that must be Rob. Do I get a point?

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