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Feb 19th, 2003

Oh okay, I didn’t post an update but it really wasn’t very exciting. She turned up drunk from formal hall and remained so. She also spent most the time with someone else. Anyway, last night I went to a formal in another college and had slightly too much to drink and as a result can’t remember going home. If I may paraphrase myself here in saying, ‘My late memories [of the evening] are in a fog, which slowly becomes thicker as I proceed. There is no last memory, or sudden loss of realisation, instead it occurred gradually.’ However, I did manage to get home and even collected by gown and coat in the process, although I forgot my scarf. Yet unlike the character in ROTOTJ, my first memory is very clear! That of a jack hammer outside my window at half past three in the morning when workmen suddenly decided they didn’t like the road how it was but would rather prefer it had a big great hole in it. This was shortly followed by my first alcohol related stomach evacuation ever. If there was one benefit of this it did give me a chance to realise that by alarm wasn’t set, but not that it had lost all it’s settings. Of course, I didn’t really need the alarm as the workmen were nice enough to ensure I got very little sleep.

However, when my alarm finally did go off at what I assumed was ten past nine, I discovered that everything had been set back an hour and it was actually ten o’clock. I quickly checked my E-mail, found I had no supervisions, and went back to bed untill eleven. By this time the workmen had finished with the jack hammer so I got a bit of sleep.

Anyway. Upon regaining consciousness from sleep for the umpteenth time that night I realised that all my nocturnal wanderings and slightly drunken return had left my room in such a tip that it almost took a full hour to find my keys. I then proceeded to ring Cambridge City council, who basically told me that they would never send workmen out at four o’clock in the morning and that it must have been a utilities company doing emergency maintenance.

Well it made sense. There was water coming up from between cracks in the tarmac at the side of the road. Not a lot of water mind you, and it had been doing it since at least five in the evening. I suppose it may have caused the power cut that caused my clock to loose all it’s settings. But either way, was the work that much of an emergency that they needed to conduct it at four in the morning? Maybe, but it seems a little extreme.

But the story goes on, albeit not in chronological order. Before I set off last night the fire alarm in our building went off. Not that an unusually situation, it happens regularly enough. Anyway, we isolated the cause to the kitchen where someone had left the oven and a ring on. The interesting part happens next. The two were turned off and the alarm activated, but almost immediately it went off again. Not unusual as a bit of smoke and steam etc was still hanging around. I barely made the connection when six fire engines pulled up outside about half an hour later.

Well it turns out that apparently the rings had been heating up the wall near them and the heat had been conducted through to the room above, where apparently the wall became too hot to touch. The people (Not sure who. I would have thought it was students above the kitchen but seemingly not) phoned the porters lodge who in turn phoned the fire brigade. Fortunately nothing had actually caught fire but I’m guessing it came close, I don’t know the flash point of the walls in this place but I can imagine it be somewhere near ‘too hot to touch.’

Bye for now.

Another Note:

Well it appears I forgot to write anything after this. So this next entry better bring you up to date.

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