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Feb 9th, 2003

It’s currently 20 past 2 am and I’m running at about ten units. (Sober me note two years later: This was clearly an over-estimate. After ten units I would have been on the floor.) It’s wise to point out that I’m a bit of a lightweight and so have been rather drunk. However, despite this I fail to loose it completely when drunk and so still feel capable of writing an odd yet somewhat humorous, if mispelt journal entry.

For the past couple of weeks this term I have been overloaded with work although it has recently been reduced slightly. Earlier today however I had some quantitative biology that took longer than it should have. However I went to eat at 6:30 and almost immediately after that went to meet up with some friends from Malmesbury who are also studying at Cambridge, (Dave and Alex) We went to the Hogshead, a pub near the Eagle, in which Crick and Watson had the Eureka moment upon discovering the structure of DNA. It lies about ten or fifteen minutes away from my college, but against all odds I found my way there and back.

After returning I went to another party, organised by someone in my college, and this was great fun. As this particular person lives in a college owned house the overall feel was that of home parties, what with the different rooms and all.

But I’m getting tired now so goodbye!

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