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Dec 30th, 2002

It’s amazing how ignorant you can be of the date isn’t it. I completely failed to realise it was new years eve tomorrow, I think I forget to add days on when I don’t need to know the date. If it wasn’t for Christmas I’d still think it was 6 December. Anyway I suppose now is as good a time as any to reflect on new year. Well first things first, new year is a human invention, an arbitrary time line drawn in the sand of the earths dance through space, in fact if I had set up the Georgian calender I would have placed new year on either longest day or the spring equinox. Likewise nothing will change, sure you will waste a few more cheques for about three months as you fail to write the all important 03 and you’ll spend the next week talking about all the resolutions that you are doing a great/pitiful job of keeping. But the fact is the new year will be very similar to the old, granted the events will be different but it will still be dotted with wars, births, deaths, celebrations and everything else that makes up our existence. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing (Well okay the war and death would be nice if it could be avoided) but we shouldn’t expect at the strike of new year to suddenly find that all is different. However despite all this new year still provides a good excuse for celebration, reflection and prediction.

Back in the summer I made two predictions though unfortunately failed to record them here so you’ll just have to take my word for it. The predictions were as follows; Before I finish my course at university the world will have witnessed the first Human clone and Britain will have the Euro as it’s currency. In the last week that first prediction has taken it’s next step to reality, although I am awaiting the evidence before I fully believe it. Some people see this as the first step to huge clone armies Star Wars style, making obscure references to Big Brother and 1984. Not only does this show that these people are unfamiliar with the works of Orwell and would have perhaps been better plumping for Brave New World which is a little closer to the mark, but that they are completely ignoring the fact that these clones would have to be housed, fed and educated and would come at a cost vastly higher than training the resident population. However, the move, if it did indeed go ahead, was completely irresponsible, and has been met with the complete criticism from both the general and scientific population. Currently cloning is a vastly imperfect science and results in a huge percentage of abortions and deformed embryos, the claims that out of ten pregnancies only five have aborted is vastly suspicious, to attempt this with a human at this stage is vastly irresponsible, especially as there is little benefit to be gained from reproductive cloning.

Anyway, enough of that. Now for my 2003 predine, I have decided to write a series of Nostradamus style predications so as to almost guarantee a couple of successes. (My God this is a really arrogant entry, I apologise.):

One of the paper and ink,
Ink will fail to flow,
Lost in time,
The page will fold.

A giant falls,
A misdeed, a twist of the knife,
In the light reveled.

Promises broken,
Lies untold,
A bird flies,
The serpent is revealed.

The lions den is open to the gazel,
The lion is left in the open,
The gazel feeds from the lions supplies,
The eagle takes the prize.

The Christmas number one,
Will be a manufactured pop act,
The band will have more than four members,
They will all be under 30.

Keep an eye on the predictions and E-mail me with any matching news articles. I’ll update any correlations here. I hope to be able to nail them all by new year, although I made a slight gamble with the last as I only have one chance to nail it although I guess I can extend to America and radio play charts.


Ooops. Sorry. This hasn’t been updated too recently. However I wrote a few entries at Uni over the last term or so although never uploaded them. Also it seems that my predictions aren’t going to well, or at least I can’t think what to assign them to.

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