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Dec 21st, 2002

Well I’m back now and still managed not to do an update in between. Oh well this should be easier now as I have an alway on connection at uni and now I can access my server it will make it possible to update. But Uni is fun, if a little different. I don’t think I’m quite used to it yet though most people have said to me that that doesn’t tend to happen untill the second term. So I guess at the moment I’m still in the honeymoon period, just with shopping at Sainsburys and washing underwear which I don’t expect occurs in most honeymoons, or at least not those in nice exotic countries, I guess normal honeymoons where the couple is just out of university and thus only has enough money to shop at Sainsburys and wash underwear are like that. My god that was a long sentence though I think it made sense. Anyway, I’m beginning to make friends and fall into routine. In the first couple of weeks of course you just end up talking to everybody and don’t make friends so much as acquaintances, I mean there is no one that by the end of the first week you’d be willing to share every secret with or declare best man at your wedding with that other person you met on day three. However by the end of the first term you are pretty much sure who those people will end up being and would describe them as friends, whether you’d be making them your wife or best man at the end of the term seems unlikely, but your beginning to share secrets and sit up to four o’clock in the morning talking about absolutely nothing in particular. Hmm, a time line of friendships could be interested, although unfortunately the first few weeks at uni have so much happening that it’s difficult to put a day to events and even less possible to call them typical, but I guess you rarely make friends in a typical situation. (Hmm, could this be punctuated equilibrium theory appearing in a social context?) Wow! And look, I haven’t mentioned work yet!

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