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Jul 3rd, 2002

Exams are now over and I’m trying to keep busy to avoid worrying about results. Part of me feels confident whereas another part is just scared, especially about the Biology as although I think it went okay you can never be sure. But generally I feel I should have at least enough for my insurance choice, Bristol, so if I’m not mistaken I shouldn’t have to face the horrors of clearing.

Anyway, currently I’ve decided to learn C++. A while ago I got the ‘Game Programming Starter Kit 3.0’ though shelved it upon finding that the software included was a mixture of freeware, shareware and demos. As you can imagine I was disappointed after paying �50 for it. However, recently I decided to give it a go and am currently working through the tutorials. In fact it’s actually quite useful in that extent as it contains three books at beginner, intermediate and advance levels, and I expect that it was this I was paying for.

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