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Jun 17th, 2002

Well currently I’m right in the middle of my A-level exams and am writing this in one of my breaks from revision. I have five exams left to complete and am hoping that they all go without a hitch. The biology exams I had today were okay, yet they are one of those exams that are difficult to judge untill you get your results. Although saying that, in the past I’ve been convinced I’ve mucked up an exam well and truly and still got a good mark at the end of it. Though I can’t see that’ll be true of my physics prac I did way back in April. The paper requested that I should change L, and showed a diagram with L being the length of a piece of hardboard. However I varied the Load, and as a result have possible thrown away about a third of the paper. The stupid thing was I checked the question twice as I thought load was an odd thing to change, yet somehow it still went wrong. I’d claim a misprint but seeing as I was the only one who made the mistake it seems rather unlikely that my paper would have rolled of the presses unique. Anyway, I’m basically in mid panic at the moment as although I’ve revised and re-revised as much as I can there is always the fear that the exam will surprise you. Also I’m just wanting my Biology marks back so I can rest, currently my results are in a strange superposition of states which will only be resolved on results day.

I’m sure I’m ignoring grammar here with my paragraphs, but when I rabbit I rabbit. Anyway, a nice surprise today was seeing that ‘Space Battle’ was classed as popular on and actually falls as the 28th most popular game! Quite an achievement I think, shame they don’t give awards for it, I could do with another. Unfortunately it doesn’t actually show that the game is any good, just that a lot of people have downloaded it, though four out of five of the reviews there are good.

Obviously I’ve now left school and am on exam leave, as a result I’m slowly moving onto the next step of my life which will begin for real on my first day at university. Wow. It’s just so strange to feel that a vast part of the last thirteen years of my life is ending and soon I’m hoping to leave home for a considerable percentage of the year, meet a whole new set of people from across the country and have to begin to fend for myself. Of course this step is far more sheltered than if I leapt out into the real world but university is likely to have an experience all of it’s own. I’m a little scared, but at the same time excited, just hope I don’t loose touch with people I know now.

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